"What is this babbler trying to say?" Acts 17:18

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too Much Work For Words

Blogging is slow right now because life is fast right now. Lots of work and lots of homework. when I was not doing these two things I was training for a mountain bike race at that time between dinner and dusk when bloggers creep to their computers and sit huddled over the keys trying to unlock the secrets of words.

I sometimes feel I have not been doing much reading either but this, I know, is not the case. I have been reading, just not the books I want to read. Poetry, 20th. century short stories, and now, drama, are the fare I am being force fed in English 1B. I thought about posting my poetry paper, but it's boring and dry; then I hoped to post my short fiction comparison and contrast paper, but reasoned nobody wants to read about feminist literature. Yes, you read that right: feminist literature. The fan of dead white guys is now reading the likes of Alice Walker. But never fear, dead white guys still rock!

In a few weeks college will be out for summer and then I can get back to pursuing my education.

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