"What is this babbler trying to say?" Acts 17:18

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Intelligence Allowed

In case you are one of those who believe there is no intelligence allowed in a movie theater, you might be pleasantly surprised when you go see Expelled: No intelligence Allowed. And go you should. this documentary affirms the American ideal of freedom of speech and idea, while seriously challenging the faulty theory of evolution. Not only does it show that Darwinism is not scientifically superior to Intelligent Design, but it confronts the ideological agenda of atheist evolutionists. Watching the faces of Ben Stein and Richard Dawkins as Dawkins stumbled through an incoherent speech on the origin of life was priceless.

As if this was not enough for one documentary, Stein introduces the evolutionary underpinnings of Hitler's eugenic genocide of Jews and other supposedly unfit and undesirable members of society. It is plain that evolution devalues human life.

The debate over the origin of life is not over as most narrow minded evolutionists think, but unless people see documentaries like this one, the Darwin Delusion will continue to live into decrepit old age.

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