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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Walking Into Chaos

Here is a copy of my letter to the editor of the Record Searchlight published last Sunday.

Consider the reasoning behind Judge Walker's ruling on gay marriage: his ruling argues that morality can no longer be the basis of our legal system. But if the moral law—what philosophers and the authors of the Constitution called “natural law”—is no longer the basis of society's laws, what is? The will of the majority? Clearly not, since Walker overturned the vote of the majority. There is only one other option: the will of a small elite like Walker who get to dictate what we can and cannot do on an ever-changing basis. Is any current law now exempt from challenge? Laws against polygamy, prostitution, animal cruelty, destroying the environment—even the idea at the heart of secular government: preserving the existence of human society—are all based on a standard of right and wrong. Recognition of a supreme moral law is the only rational anchor for society's laws.


Anonymous said...

Good response.
Was this put into a letter to the editors, or?

My family read a lot of the comments and mainly just shook our heads the entire time, getting disgusted at people's faulty reasoning. It is shockingly sad, how far this "great nation" has come.

Anonymous said...

It upsets me that not only is gay marriage okay but it's also okay to overturn the vote of the majority.
Our vote no longer counts, it seems.