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Thursday, September 25, 2008

If Your Day's Too Bright, Read the Paper

I was reading letters to the editor in the local paper (something I do about once a week to remind myself how depressing things are "out there") and came across one in Tuesday's Record Searchlight that astonished me. No, it was not that the fellow was defending homosexuality, but that he rejected the idea of any objective or knowable truth. He stated that "my truth is my truth, and your truth is your truth." I would like to know if this statement is universally true or is it just his opinion? If it is always true for everyone then we just stumbled upon the living corpse of an absolute truth that he believed was dead. If, after all, it is just "your truth" then I see no reason to believe it and will continue to believe "my truth," that, indeed, there are universal certainties in the physical and moral order. If this were a letter to the editor I would conclude with:
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Aaron said...

So: you've discovered why hard postmodernism is self-defeating. Well done.

This is only kinda-sorta related, but I like the passage in The Ball And The Cross in which Chesterton explains why news/journalism is continually and inevitably negative. It's page 73 of Collected Works Volume VII.